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This is a Wikia for the manga series Library Wars:Love & War, written and drawn by Kiiro Yumi, and based on the original (non-manga) series by Hiro Arikawa. There are currently fourteen volumes out in the United States, with the rest on the way! The rest of the books are still being translated into English. Please help out by adding and editing pages!

This Wikia contains some spoilers. 

Library Wars: Love & WarEdit

Library Wars takes place in Japan in the near future, where the government has passed the Media Betterment Act, which gives them the right to censor books, movies, magazines, newspapers, and other media which they deem as harmful. They send out employees of the Media Betterment Committee (MBC) to gather up any media that they see as unfit and destroy it.

The Libraries pass the Library Freedom Act in opposition of the MBC, and, with the help of local governments, establish their own army, called the Library Forces, to fight against the MBC. They protect books, and libraries are the only places protected from the MBC.

The Library Freedom ActEdit

Libraries have the freedom to acquire their collections.

Libraries have the freedom to circulate materials in their collections.

Libraries guarantee the privacy of their patrons.

Libraries oppose any type of censorship.

When libraries are imperiled, librarians will join together to secure their freedom.

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Library Wars: Love & War, Volume 15 comes out in the United States on April 6th, 2016.

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